The Development Policy Forum Initiative of the Syrian Center for Policy Research seeks to promote critical analysis of the challenges posed by the conflict in Syria and to explore policy alternatives to address them while analyzing the impact of ongoing policies enforced by the conflict actors at the institutional, economic and socioeconomic level.

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Why does it need a Policy Dialogue?

The ongoing armed conflict in Syria destroyed the economic, social, and political foundation of the country. In addition, the conflict aggravated the existing grievances and created new major challenges that need creative policies and initiatives. Rebuilding devastated Syria needs a participatory vision that captures the people desired future in achieving prosperity and justice for all, and in ensuring the optimum investment for its potentials to reach sustainable, inclusive, and human-centered development.

The Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR) is organizing a monthly dialogue on varies social, economic and development issues in Syria. The center seeks by this initiative to read critically the challenges posed by the conflict in Syria and try to explore alternatives to address these challenges, in addition analyzing the ongoing policies enforced by the Government and other actors at institutional, social and economic level.

Thematic Topics of the Initiative:

  • critical reading of the Syrian national statistics
  • Conflict economics in Syria: Roots, Dynamics, and Pathways for Change
  • The role or institutions in Economies of Violence and it’s Alternative Policies
  • The role of syrian civil society in Dismantlich conflict economies
  • and many more.

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