#3. The dynamics of conflict economies in Syria with Omar Dahi

The third episode of our Podcast “Syria, Alternative Dialogues” is online. You can listen to it through the link below and find it on Spotify, Castro, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Musik, Google Podcasts and Overcast.


In the second episode with Omar Dahi, he continues the discussion on the impact and dynamics of conflict economies within a broad framework that includes the global, regional and local actors in Syria. He also highlights the continuation of the conflict foundations and tools despite the decline in major military operations. He concludes with the importance of the Syrian society’s role in creating alternative pathways to peace and justice.. 


Omar Dahi: Professor of economics at Hampshire college in the USA and researcher with the Syrian Center for Policy Research. Director of Security in Context (a research initiative and network on peace, conflict and international affairs).

Rabie Nasser: Economist, researcher and co-founder of the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR).

Episode Producers: Houda F Jawadi, Klaudia Wieser

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